About the Journal

Open Herald: Periodical of Methodical Research focuses on the novel technologies and/or approaches to provide and characterize chemical and biological and applied sciences. The journal focuses on the discoveries, studies, analysis and inventions in biological and applied sciences with a scientific rigor and impact on the research that:

  • Enables and improves the target validation
  • Evaluates current applications and technologies
  • Provides novel research tools and methodologies
  • Carry out the analysis and inventions
  • Incorporates research approaches that enhance the depth of knowledge and applications
  • Success discovery

The journal is international and interdisciplinary, inviting contributions from across the globe and from various academic disciplines. Special issues are often devoted to specific emerging areas of study with guest editors assisting in the editorial process.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly (12 Issues per Year)

ISSN (E): 2810-6385

IFSIJ JIF: 7.825

Accepted Language: Primary language of publication is English, while the journal accepts all languages such as Russian, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Finnish for publication.